[Etε: r]. Aether  / Ancient Greek Αἰθήρ/ Aithếr / from αἴθω / aíthô  “burn” / spiritus aethereus / aithêr (« Pure Air, Aether ») (Encyclop. and Encyclop. Brit., Sv ether).

II.− [Speaking of a chemically defined body]  Conceptual Chemistry


Aether is a chemical reaction that “fires” the imagination and heals hearts disappointed by too much bottled up conformity and by the realistic tropism of perfumery. A contemporary pharmacopeia for adventurous souls in search of surprise, dazzle, as well as creation.

Aether is a tribute by its creators to synthetic molecules and the frenzy of chemistry. Olfactory kamikaze, elementary molecules explode each of the perfumes into a bizarre abstraction, a beautiful stranger. The nose, which clings to no known ingredient is first caught by surprise and then submits to pure emotion. Sometimes a shimmering bubble and sometimes dazzling beauty, the molecule – this almost-nothing in infinity – is the sacred young muse of the collection.

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