With more than 25 years of experience in the fragrance industry, Essential Parfums was founded with a rebellious spirit and the mission to restore the essence of haute perfumery. Essential Parfums, takes a simple approach: giving perfumers carte blanche to create, with no constraints or limits.


Partnering with the best master and senior perfumers in the world, Essential Parfums carefully sources the finest sustainable ingredients whenever possible, to be transformed into olfactory masterpieces. The result is a place to buy uniquely luxurious scents at an accessible price — all wrapped in eco-friendly packaging.

A simple approach

This brand was created to share a true passion for the art of scent — therefore, the priority will always be the fragrance itself, rather than the trappings that surround it (like fancy bottles, advertising costs, and licensing fees that tend to muddle the essence of perfumery).

As for the ingredients themselves, the costliness and complexity of working with naturals makes them a far rarer find in the fragrance world, but we know that they are well worth the effort to produce perfumes that do justice to each note within. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, which is why we focus on a precious handful of natural ingredients over a cacophony of synthetics.



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