they are so hard to shop for.


If you’re going down the fragrance route this Father’s Day, we’d first like to commend you on your bravery.

ONE WOULD THINK that the decades you’ve spent living with the man would mean that you know exactly what he’s like, but dads are tricky and well, you just never know. Unlike your usual grilling accessory or golf shirt, these Father’s Day fragrances will go the extra mile in lifting his mood every single day, a keepsake of sorts to remind of your appreciation for him.

Whether he’s the brooding type who enjoys a book and Scotch every evening (a SOPHISTICATED DAD) or an active dad who still drags you along to the gym (a SPORTY CHIC DAD), we have grouped the SAFEST BETS into the two categories below. sure, there are other fragrances, but these are pretty easy to wear and pretty much universally loved.


Besides, a gift as personal as this could only mean that you tried a little harder this year — and that’s all that matters.