INDIEHOUSE modern fragrance bar sample set

before you commit

Get to know the scent more intimately before you invest.


GET 3 for $19


choose 3 scents that

you want to test drive.


You will get a 0.8mL spray of each.



Get $10.


wear them, evaluate them.



we send you a code

for $10 off


You will have 30 days to apply the $10 credit to your next fragrance purchase at



knowing that...


you have stopped wasting money on ordinary scents


instead will be remembered

for the interesting person

that you are.



What is a Sample Set?

Our Sampling experience is designed to allow you the time and space to experience different scents to be sure that they work with your lifestyle. We want you to love every scent that you purchase from us.

We have found that most people really like 2-3 different scents, and just need to wear them to determine the best fit.

Our Sample Sets allow you to choose any 3 scents from participating brands* and wear them for 30 days. Anytime in the 30 day period, you are welcome to use the credit code that you receive in your email to purchase a full-sized bottle either in-store or online.

Please note that samples are designed to allow our guests the opportunity to test a scent to see if they want to purchase the full bottle, therefore we will only fulfill ONE sample of a specific fragrance per person.  

How does the credit work?

The $10 credits work like this: for every Sample Set you buy, you get one $10 credit that can be applied toward your next purchase at INDIEHOUSE, either in-store or online. If you purchase more than one Sample Set, you’ll receive more than one credit but they cannot be used together on a single purchase.

Credits cannot be stacked to use in a single purchase. Only one code can be entered at checkout, and it will only work once. We cannot refund your credit if you change your mind after the transaction is complete.  

If you visit our store to make your purchase, you will need to bring your code and inform us that you are using a code BEFORE the transaction starts.

The code has no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash.

What if I don't love any of them? Do I get my money back?

The fragrances that we offer are curated into "moods" that help to guide our guests to scents that are going to have similar profiles. We have also tried to give the best written description of each fragrance that we can, in consultation with the individual creators. Because we believe that scent will smell a bit differently on skin than on paper, we created this experience to help our guests discover how the scent will wear for them.

If you chose 3 scents that just don't make your eyes sparkle, you are welcome to use your credit to purchase either another sample set, or on any purchase of $49 or more. We regret that we cannot accept product back and issue refunds as fragrance is a beauty product which cannot be resold by law for safety reasons.

You are always welcome to contact us for recommendations & tips at:

What do I do if the bottle won't spray?

Sometimes the pump sprayers on 2mL bottles need to be primed for a few minutes before they will spray. They are somewhat sassy in that way. If you get one that just won't cooperate, send us a quick note at: and we will give you some next steps.


The brand I want to try is not part of your sampling experience. Why not?

Different brands have different capabilities & pricing. Some of our brands are very small and don't have the resources to produce samples. Others offer more expensive products that would make a 2mL sample a lot more expensive than what we can offer as part of our $19 experience. Our Botanical collection and Luxury Collection samples are priced at $10 each, but you are welcome to mix these in with the lower priced samples to receive the $10 back offer.

We will continue to add brands to this program so please check back often.  


Why aren't the samples free?

We are a small, independent business. Our mission is to deliver an exceptional customer experience and we believe that allowing you to wear the products on your skin will allow YOU to make the best decisions for YOU. There are many overhead costs associated with offering this service and we minimize this by capturing some of that cost in charging a small amount for the sample set and then offering you a generous credit on your full purchase.

The credit will expire after 30 days because we need to account for it from a bookeeping perspective.  

We do send FREE SAMPLES with orders over $75.