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La Cristallerie des Parfums

La Cristallerie des Parfums translates to "The Crystal of Perfumes" as the aim of this beautful brand is to achieve sparkle and light in each creation.  

Because gardens never reveal all of their secrets from the very first inhalation, our perfumes also revolve throughout the day, discreetly blending with the personal scent of the wearer and revealing all of their secrets.

Three years of research involving the most elite French craftsmanship were required to develop our first collection of perfumes. To obtain each nuance, the "juices" mature for at least 8 weeks before maceration. This especially long maturation time guarantees long staying power for each perfume.

The art does not stop at the beautiful creating inside the bottle, it includes the bottle itself. Each unique bottle is handcrafted by expert master glass-blowers, hand blown and then cut and carved by hand.

Our current collections perfectly balance weigh, breath, gold and colour with a single aim: perfection.

aesthetic perfection

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