The mission of TSVGA is to only create something new and original. The market does not need another rose-oud combo, or some derivative of another successful perfume. TSVGA fragrances are driven by passion and love of the art form rather than focusing on what has been proven to sell well by other companies. TSVGA does not piggy back off trends - it starts new trends.

TSVGA is going to be a breath of fresh air in the fragrance world, so if you have been on the search for something new and exciting, your search ends here.  

HANDMADE WITH LOVE: TSVGA is a truly artisanal indie niche handcrafted experience.   From the materials gathered on adventures in the woods to create unique tinctures, to the presentation of the perfume bottle; this is a fragrance brand that is built on being a one man show to provide something that cannot be mass produced by machines. With TSVGA you are buying more than just a fragrance. You are buying art.  


INDIEHOUSE modern fragrance bar assumes no liability for potential allergic reactions, or harm caused by not following these guidelines.

STAINING: These perfumes are dark in color (done so naturally), and will stain clothing, so it is not recommended to spray on clothes. INDIEHOUSE is not responsible for replacing stained clothing if you choose not to follow this suggestion.

ALLERGIES: Please email tsvgaparfvms@gmail.com if you have allergies to any ingredients BEFORE YOU BUY. James will confirm or deny the existence of said ingredients in each perfume (since he does not openly provide note breakdowns). Real oakmoss is used in several perfumes. There is a note in the description if nut oils are used in any of them.

SKIN TESTING GUIDELINES:  Never test on open wounds, abrasions, rashes, or any pre-existing injuries. Spray on a test strip of some kind to be able to control rubbing a small amount on your skin in desired location on arm. Watch for redness and if reaction occurs, rinse off that patch of skin with soap and water.

NOT IFRA COMPLIANT: TSVGA does not follow IFRA regulations that hinder creative potential. Use TSVGA fragrances like you would with any other fragrance: AT YOUR OWN RISK. All fragrances have been tested on the perfumer prior to release and there have been no issues, but everyones skin is different. If you have sensitive skin it may be best to test on a small patch of skin first.

Handmade. Real Ingredients.


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