smell amazing.
be remembered


interesting fragrances for interesting people

explore interesting fragrances

from around the world.

explore scent blending &

   unleash your inner perfumer.

Tired of being overwhelmed by ordinary choices?

we've seen this before. 

You were confused by the giant wall of expensive-looking bottles...

...all with names that have nothing to do with how they smell.

The nice person who offered to help asked you lots of questions...

...that you really didn't know how to answer.

You bought the one you thought that you liked...

...then were disappointed once you got home.

escape the chaos

show your individuality


INDIEHOUSE modern fragrance bar

is your secret weapon in the battle against the ordinary.

Its easy to show the world that you are an interesting person to know

because with INDIEHOUSE you can:



by mood


before you commit


your own

explore interesting fragrances

from around the world.

explore our scent blending opportunities.

   unleash your inner perfumer.

let's flirt.

we can commit later.



  our mission

is to find interesting fragrances for interesting people.

so we need YOU.  






built for you,

so it should be a reflection of you.

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55 North Main Street lot

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