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indiehouse-perfume-bar - Holi Water - Urban Bohemian - HERETIC
indiehouse-perfume-bar - Holi Water - Urban Bohemian - HERETIC
indiehouse-perfume-bar - Holi Water - Urban Bohemian - HERETIC
Holi Water


Holi Water




A celebration of love and friendship inspired by the sacred Holi Festival in India.  Simply divine. 

ORIGIN: New York, NY

MOOD: Urban Bohemian


SCENT IMPACT: Light to Moderate

PERFUMER: Douglas Little


     FIRST IMPRESSION:  Kaffir Lime, bergamot, cedar

     PERSONALITY:  Champaca Flower Absolute, Coriander

     LASTING NOTES:   Vetiver, Vanilla Absolute, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Sandalwood



This fragrance is an exotic love story with a bohemian, romantic spirit.  Fresh and unique, Holi Water is ideal for individuals seeking a balance between crisp and easy, exotic and alluring.  The bright top chords of lime, bergamot, and cedar capture the scent of sundrenched lime trees - warm, woody, citrusy.  The heart is where it's exoticism lies, thanks to the rich, heady allure of champaca flower absolute.  The base chords nod to India with a swirl of warming spices.  You will notice a gorgeous mix of tonka bean, patchouli, and vanilla.  Mysterious and beautiful. 




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indiehouse-perfume-bar - Holi Water - Urban Bohemian - HERETIC

Holi Water




  • How does the sampling program work?

    Choose your samples by going to the individual product pages and add them to your cart.  For every 3 samples you choose, you will receive an email with a promo code good for a $20 credit toward your purchase of a full-priced bottle. If you experience an issue receiving the email or promo code, you can reach out to us in the contact form below. 

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    We work with our brand partners to give you a superior sampling experience.  We will only offer samples that are packaged in 2ml. (approx) spray containers.  The old "dipstick" samples are a horrible nightmare and tend to spill all over everything, making it difficult to use more than once.  Since not all of our brand partners are offering this spray sample option, we unfortunately are limited to sampling the brands that currently offer this type of sample - which is many of them, but not all. As things change we will update the product listings accordingly. 

  • What if I want to try 5 samples?

    You are welcome to try as many different samples as you would like, however, you will only receive the $20 promo code for purchasing 3 samples in a single order.  You are welcome to purchase 2 samples, you just would not qualify for the promo credit offer. You can purchase 5 samples, and you get the one $20 promo code.    If you purchase more than one 3-Sample Set, you’ll receive more than one credit. Just keep in mind that these credits cannot be stacked and applied toward the same bottle. Both promo codes would expire in the same 30 day period.  Please refer to "Using the Promo Code" for details on what the promo code will cover. 

  • I want to give the sample pack as a gift. How do I handle the email?

    In the NOTES section at checkout, select "send as gift" and we will package the samples with a printed gift card that contains the $20 gift code.