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indiehouse-perfume-bar - Poltergeist - Stylishly Confident - HERETIC
indiehouse-perfume-bar - Poltergeist - Stylishly Confident - HERETIC







ORIGIN: New York, NY

MOOD: Stylishly Confident


SCENT IMPACT: Moderate to heavy

PERFUMER: Douglas Little


     FIRST IMPRESSION:  Wormwood, pine, juniper

     PERSONALITY:  Champaca flower

     LASTING NOTES:   Myrrh, birch tar, labdanum, cedar, cade, frankincense, palo santo


Based on intensely fragrant memories from time spent in the Pacific Northwest.  The air heavy with the smoke of blazing burn piles filled with scorched leaves and timber.  Long walks through the woods permeated by the unmistakable perfume of moss, mushrooms, pine needles and leaves emanating from the forest floor.  Poltergeist is the marriage of these two distinct olfactory experiences; the worlds of GREEN and SMOKE.  Named for a supernatural being that makes its presence known through physical disturbances or loud noises, this "noisy" fragrance features intense green paired with a deep haunting smokiness that lingers. 



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indiehouse-perfume-bar - Poltergeist - Stylishly Confident - HERETIC





  • How does the sampling program work?

    Choose your samples by going to the individual product pages and add them to your cart.  For every 3 samples you choose, you will receive an email with a promo code good for a $10 credit toward your purchase of a full-priced bottle. If you experience an issue receiving the email or promo code, you can reach out to us in the contact form below. 

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