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Purple Reign
Purple Reign
Purple Reign
Purple Reign

Purple Reign


Clean rating SQUEEKY

A fresh, happy floral grounded in an earthy wood. 

ORIGIN: Berlin, Germany

MOOD: Modern Romantic


SCENT IMPACT: Light to Moderate

PERFUMER: Tonja Bochnig


FIRST IMPRESSIONS:  Lavender, purple light

PERSONALITY:  Natural Lilac tincture, Violets, Osmanthus petals, Jasmine

LASTING NOTES:   Opoponax (myrrh), Orris Root


This all-natural perfume is designed to improve self-awareness and to raise our energetic vibrations. The purple flame, our inspiration, is a unique light of subtle realms that enhances our vibrations.

Ingredients used in this perfume are in tune and resonate with the color “purple”, the subtle spiritual violet color, also connected to our crown chakra, the chakra of oneness, the gateway to higher consciousness and the connection to a divine source.

Amethyst and Herkimer Diamond from the stone kingdom enhance the purple rays and synchronize the scents' liquid crystalline structure. Purple Reign triggers the recognition that we all carry the highest essence and potential right inside of us.