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Travel Collection - Be Intense
Travel Collection - Be Intense

Travel Collection - Be Intense


ORIGIN: Paris, France

MOOD:  Refined Sophistication


SCENT IMPACT:  Moderate to Strong


This box is composed of 3 ‘eau de parfum Intense’ in spray 15 ml:

  • Patchouli Intense : ‘This wood is a fabulous raw material’ said Patricia de Nicolaï. ‘In a chord, its role is similar to that of a viola in an orchestra – the instrument that leads all the others’. The patchouli is surrounded by an oriental background trimmed with incense and spices. But it avoids lapsing into ordinariness, with its combination of lavender and pelargonium contrasting with the dark wood.
  • Musc Intense : The musky chord, so feminine and cocooning, increases its brightness with a juicy pear essence which sparkles on Turkish rose petals. A sophisticated composition which sets the skin ablaze with a hint of sensuality.
  •  New-York Intense : Patricia de Nicolaï conveys her fascination with ‘the city that never sleeps’ with her intoxicating signature oriental: after a start of citrus bursts, pepper and clove spice up the patchouli bordered with vanilla, incense and balm. This spicy oriental was endorsed by Lucas Turin, one of the top perfume critics in 1992 in the cult book Perfume, the guide.  It also haunts the San-Antonio crime novels, whose author, Frédéric Dard, was one of the first aficionados.