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Why a Fragrance Wardrobe is a key accessory

by carrie Hadley |

Let's make this easy.  Do you own more than one pair of shoes?  Of course you do. If you really don't then move on, you're scaring me. 

Let's pretend for a minute that you are a practical person and you own a pair of sneakers (or kicks or athletic shoes, work with me here).  Let's also say that in your lifestyle, at your job and during your free time, you can wear sneakers.  Do you own more than one pair?  Of course you do.  Why?  For the obvious reason that if you just have one pair of sneakers you are eventually going to wear them out, or have an occasion where you would be more comfortable in other shoes.  I hate sneakers at the beach.  That sand in the sneakers thing - ugh.  Flip flops are a better option for the beach, dress shoes are the better option for pitching a new business or attending a formal wedding.  The same with scent.