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Why a Fragrance Wardrobe is a key accessory

Why a Fragrance Wardrobe is a key accessory

Let's make this easy.  Do you own more than one pair of shoes?  Of course you do. If you really don't then move on, you're scaring me. 

Let's pretend for a minute that you are a practical person and you own a pair of sneakers (or kicks or athletic shoes, work with me here).  Let's also say that in your lifestyle; at your job and during your free time, that you can also wear sneakers.  Do you like to wear them to the beach?  No?  Why?  Sand in sneakers sucks. 

Flip flops are a better fit.  They look and wear better as footwear for the beach.  Going to a formal black tie wedding?  Sure, it's sometimes trendy to wear sneakers to a wedding, but ladies, you look a lot more elegant when you are wearing heels, it just does things for your legs and booty that sneakers cannot. 

And gentlemen, you look way more sophisticated and classy in a shiny pair of oxfords, especially the GREGGO Black Patent Leather from Christian Louboutin, then in some casual sneakers - even if they are crazy expensive.  

Of course, it's the same with scent.  A fresh bright upbeat citrus is does not communicate Elegant & Sophisticated, while a soft delicate rose does not put you in that beachy relaxing mood.  Your fragrance sets the stage, cultivates the mood of those who interact with you.  Make sure that what you smell like compliments what you are wearing.  Because smell is directly connected to memory. 

That small extra step will literally make you unforgettable to those around you. 

So go find your next perfect fragrance that is unique and perfect for your next occasion.  SHOP BY MOOD  on our website is a great place to START, then wander from there, get some samples, make some choices.  Don't miss your next chance to BE UNFORGETTABLE.