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When a jazz club is your complete mood.

If leather and booze are your thing, welcome home. We created a separate collection for the velvety leather and sexy boozy scents that really are in a class by themselves. Unapologetically masculine, but delicious on any gender, these scents are smooth and rich. The scents of honey, tobacco, wood and wood tars in its middle or base notes create the leathery effect from a number of perfumers who are pushing boundaries.  

CALLING ALL COOL GIRLS - if you follow fashion trends then you need to get sniffing. The dark, warm sensual vibe in the bourbon and whiskey blends from this collection will show off your edgy sexiness in an unexpected way. Not to be worn at home alone - these scents demand an evening out.  

Stylishly Confident

The Musc

From $10.00


From $10.00

Orange X Santal

From $10.00


From $65.00


is always a good idea


Get to know the scent more intimately before you invest. Choose 3 samples for $30 and get a $20 credit to apply to your first full-size purchase.