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April Aromatics

April Aromatics

Tanja Bochnig - creator and perfumer

Through her many travels, Tanja discovered the healing powers of essential oils and started using them with great relief to many ailments. After long years of studies in aromatherapy, botany and natural perfumery with renowned perfumers, she launched her own series of organic perfumes and cosmetics – April Aromatics. The name is based on the birthday of the perfumer, who was born on 1st April. Tanja Bochnig especially loves this time of the year, when nature revives. Tanja is also a proffesional and licensed yoga teacher and the originator of Aromayoga®. After having lived away from Germany for 20 years, she moved to Berlin where she now works and resides with her family.  


Welcome to the World of April Aromatics

The line represents a range of natural perfumes and follows a holistic approach. Our ingredients are from pure and natural origin whenever possible. Our perfumes are unique and hand blended with love and care. We are committed to use the highest quality of natural essences available from nature.

April Aromatics does not use animal derived ingredients, such as civet or ambergris, with the exception of beeswax extract in one of our perfumes. The valuable perfumes are unique with regard to their formulation. Every scent is infused with individually chosen essences of semiprecious stones, which afford energy and harmony to the wearer.  The perfumes are a mixture of botanical essences based in organic alcohol for our Eau de Parfums.  

"It is my passion to create beautiful smelling, botanical perfumes and to share the healing power of nature with the world.“ - Tanja Bochnig