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Ojai Wild


Ojai Wild


We hand-collect our plants and botanicals directly from our farm in the Ojai valley, and other farmers and ranches in the California region. Our extraction process releases the fragrant heart of each perfume as vibrant, fresh and pure blooms.

The whole plant is crushed, pressed and soaked, in order to extract its unadulterated essence.  Rather than mask it, Ojai Wild fragrances pair with your own individual scent, allowing you To explore the pure and most authentic version of your own essence.


The perfumer and creator of Ojai Wild, Janna Sheehan designs unique fragrances in her Ojai-based perfume studio as well as collaborates on unique fragrance projects in the fashion and art world. Sheehan’s newest line of fragrances embodies all that Ojai has to offer



juniper berry