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Leave behind a beautiful trail of scent as you walk up the aisle...

Leave behind a beautiful trail of scent as you walk up the aisle...

First of all, congratulations on your engagement. 

This is a milestone that will stress you out and as I'm sure you have noticed, cause complete strangers to give you lots and lots of unsolicited advice. 

Stick to your gut with most decisions but let your mother win on the seating arrangements - you will likely need her as a free babysitter sometime in the near future. 

Anyway, this is the day you want to get it all perfect - not only your look but also the perfume trail that you leave behind as you walk up the aisle.

It is also a day where you greet everyone with hugs so this is where your scent can really make an impact on those around you.

If you feel totally comfortable with your current perfume and you receive frequent compliments on how it smells so wonderful and really suits you (especially from your fiancé) then it is best to wear this on your special day. 

Sure, there are fancy New York magazine editors who might try to tell you that you should NEVER wear Chanel no. 5 to a boho chic country wedding, but if it makes you feel beautiful and confident then thats the most important thing.  Those people aren't invited to your wedding anyway.

If you wear many fragrances and can't decide which is the one that you really feel most comfortable with, then now is absolutely the time to change.  Most American women don't put a lot of thought into fragrance, so if you are still wearing the one you got for Valentines Day from your high school boyfriend, this might be the time to find something that represents the woman you are today. 

A visit to INDIEHOUSE should definitely be a part of your pre-Wedding plans.  Whether you choose something new or create a bespoke perfume that suits your style and personality, your new fragrance will be one that you forever associate with your special day.