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ABOUT US: Thanks for asking

We are a boutique with big dreams.  

woman at the edge of a garden

It goes something like this:

Once upon a time there was a woman who loved fragrance but would never shop for it.  She hated being asked a million questions that she didn't know the answers to and the right answer never seemed to be "I'll know it when I smell it."  She needed help but didn't know what questions to ask. She felt uncomfortable and judged. Usually, she just bought what the salesperson wanted to sell, not the fragrance that spoke to her true self. Not different fragrances to communicate different moods.  It seemed to be “one size fits all”. And she has never fit that mold.  

So she flew to a place far away (Grasse, France).  And she learned about scents. About oils and aroma chemicals.  She figured out (it wasn't hard) that all fragrances can be sorted into 4 main categories and then subdivided into 12 core families.  She used to think that florals were for women and woods were for men. The endless variety of fragrances was a very new concept. Something she never learned in a local department or mass-market beauty store.  She also learned that woody scents, not florals, were actually her favorite.

Now on a mission to save you from the same confusion, we invite you to step inside our world.  One that is organized by how things smell. One that invites you to ask questions and get information.  One that encourages you to play with different scents and just have fun. We have found that sharing our favorites is a fun way to interact with others and we are building a community.  We invite you to come and play with us. We are addicted. You have been warned.