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Workshop Health & Safety Guidelines


We only use high quality perfume ingredients that are used and approved by the fragrance trade and sourced from leading fragrance and ingredients manufacturers.

To create bespoke fragrances during the workshops, we use a selection of natural ingredients, synthetic perfumery ingredients and perfume bases.

We work with concentrations of ingredients that limit any potential risk of toxicity and allergy to a strict minimum. However our workshops involve the use of pre-diluted perfumery ingredients and those with allergies and sensitivities are advised to take this into consideration.

Participants of workshops acknowledge that the formula of their bespoke fragrance, resulting from a combination of individual perfumery ingredients they chose, won’t be certified by a qualified laboratory. Therefore, participants acknowledge that it may contain a combination of ingredients that exceeds the recommended levels from IFRA (International Fragrance Association).

Customers also acknowledge that they may be in contact with fragrance substances that present allergen potential. If you have any known allergy to fragrance ingredients, let us know before signing up or seek independent advice from a professional expert or medical doctor before you participate in a workshop.

Pre-made blends are also provided during the workshops and are considered individual “ingredients” blended in your fragrance. Our blends comply with IFRA standards, however, the same points mentioned above apply to the fragrance created during this session.

  • Gloves, goggles and aprons are provided for your use but are not required by us.

  • We recommend testing your fragrance on a small area of your skin before regular use

  • All fragrances made during the workshops are Eau de Parfum. They contain alcohol and are flammable. They should not be used near fire, flame or heat. They should not be swallowed and are for external use only