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Midnight Ambiance Spray


"The night is special because of its light, I wait for the night to dream, I smell its scent and I am alive."

It is the scent of the night, it is the scent that will awaken your deepest self to allow you to have good dreams.

It is the scent that will make us dream.

Midnight represents the moment when we all, sooner or later, drop out and leave all tension behind. It is as if someone hugs us, all night long. It is a nightly, soft caress. It is a way of being, all new.

It awakens good dreams and makes us dream. We know that falling asleep with a good smell makes us have good dreams.

It makes us feel at home, even when we are far away. It is a nightly cuddle for the whole family, it will accompany you through the night and give you a good morning every morning. Spray it before you go to sleep in your sheets, on your pillow, on your skin, in your hair. A soft cloud will envelop you!

HEAD NOTES: Mandarin, Bergamot, Pink pepper berries, Sugar confetti, Apricot jelly, Neroli, Violet leaves

HEART NOTES: Peony, Rose, Iris Milk, Vanilla

BASE NOTES: Vanilla, Cedarwood, Musk 

Size: 250 ml

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