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Nose: Silvia Martinelli

Top Notes: Bergamot, Pink Pepper, and Frangipani

Personality: Vanilla and Almond

Lingering Notes: Ambroxan, Muscenone, and Habanolide

Style: Modern Romantic 

The bright opening of Calabrian Bergamot is followed by Almond, sweet and at the same time bitter. All soaked in Vanilla. The rich heart of Iris, with its talcum and powdery nuances, lends charm and refinement to the composition. The base note, Habanolide, smells of musk extremely elegant, very intense note with soapy and floral undertones. A fragrance that creates a unique balance between freshness and depth.

A perfume of contrast with a fascinating opening of Calabrian Bergamot that sets the stage for an amazing bitter almond, immersed in a sweet bath of vanilla. The rich heart of Frangipani whose scent recalls citrus and flowery notes such as lemon, jasmine, honeysuckle and rose. The gorgeous finish is an elegant musk with a slightly soapy and floral undertone.