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Naked Neroli by Korean niche fragrance house BORNTOSTANDOUT® is one of the best Neroli fragrances I have ever experienced. A floaty composition built around a delicate orange flower, with sparkling citrus, creamy jasmine and healthy doses of neroli and petitgrain.  Usually Neroli goes citrus floor cleaner real quick but this one is actually really bright and soft, literally like a citrus martini in the sunlight.  It's the only Orange Blossom + Neroli fragrance I have ever wanted to wear - and I have tried a lot of them. Bravo Daphne!


“Orange martini at lunch. Naked in the water. Stinging sunlight.”

Daphne Bugey

HEAD - bergamot, mandarin, lemon, spearmint
HEART - Bulgarian rose, tuberose, neroli, petitgrain Paraguay, orange flower
BASE -  jasmine, basil, musk, guaiacwood