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O, Unknown!


“It is a mystery to me why the further I am from home the closer I am to God.” 

– Philip Sava

ORIGIN: Portland, Oregon

MOOD: Fresh Minimalist


SCENT IMPACT: Light to Moderate

PERFUMER: Josh Meyer



     PERSONALITY:       Lapsang Souchong Tincture, Orris Butter

     LASTING NOTES:   Kyoto Moss, Musk Balsam, Sandalwood


At age 65, when famed explorer and author Philip Sava was given less than a year to live, he set off from his home in Madagascar for parts unknown. Leaving all his belongings behind, he set off on foot, hopped a freighter across the Indian Ocean, and wandered into the Bangladesh wilderness. His journey, which lasted over a decade, took him through Nepal and Tibet where his exploration turned spiritual and into rural China where months of solitude resulted in some of the most confessional observations ever committed to paper. This is the story of a man grappling with the meaning of life as he grasps to life’s last vestiges.


WHEN TO WEAR THIS FRAGRANCE: At the risk of sounding bleak, this night could be your last. Splash on O, Unknown! and plunge forth into prosperity and joy. Repeat as often as you are able.

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