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PAPYRUS moléculaire


Nose:  Leslie Girard

First Impression:  papyrus essential oil

Personality: coriander essential oil

Lingering Notes:  sandalwood essential oil, black pepper essential oil, tonka bean absolute, tobacco absolute, leather accord.

Style: Floral Woody Musk


The defining adventure: a passion fruit tasting in remote oud wood forests.

The surprising contrast: the richness of oud wood, contrasted by exotic and luminous passion fruit notes.

Fragrance family: exotic, woody and fruity.

Thibaud Crivelli discovered papyrus powder during an unexpected encounter with a group of women who were smoking cigarillos. The impromptu character of the moment, along with its feminine/virile duality, led him to work on a gender-free perfume highlighting a raw material little-known in Haute Perfumery. Papyrus, which has warm, woody, spicy and smoky notes, here reveals its more transparent, powdery yet spicy aspects. A strong signature with highly contrasting notes provides a rebellious perfume reflecting this stolen moment!

Papyrus twist, carrot twirl, indigo grip. Incandescent roots, coriander boost, ground amyris. Strong character, powdery skin. Peppery tonka, a hint of cigar: rebellious sweetness, peals of laughter.

Papyrus lies at the heart of this perfume. The spicy, original notes of this raw material are coupled with and heightened by a lively piquant duo of elemi and pepper. An aromatic raw material with green facets, elemi is accentuated by a touch of coriander, which adds a truly original head note. The papyrus heart of the perfume reveals a woody note of iris, while a soft amyris facet is enlivened by powdery carrot seed. The base sees tonka bean extend the rounded woods, as its hay facet combines with tobacco leaves. Meanwhile, frankincense boosts the pepper and powdery notes. From the heart through to the base, each raw material completes this unique and complex accord." - a note from the brand.

"I wanted to take a different approach to working on a papyrus-based fragrance. This wood is usually combined with very oriental notes and oud. I wanted to create a contrast between hot and cold, with the fresh, effusive notes of coriander leaf, followed by the spicy aspect of elemi, and the intense, smoky woody side of papyrus. This composition is warmed by a milky, musky amyris, which has entrancing notes of cigar. I added a hint of iris and powder to bring a touch of elegance and sensuality to the perfume." - Leslie Girard, the perfumer.

Key raw materials: passion fruit accord, saffron, rose absolute from Turkey ORPUR, oud accord, benzoin from Laos ORPUR, cistus absolute from Spain ORPUR, leather accord, patchouli oil from Indonesia ORPUR, vanilla, akigalawood.