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Special for Gentleman


Seductive fougère

A fragrance with a thousand faces – chic, worldly and animalistic all at once. An oriental fougère like none other.

Castoreum, a fire under the ice in the style of James Bond, or perhaps a Bond Girl.

Lavender and aromatics speak of fresh elegance and good manners. Perfect presentation, soon to be warmed up with spices, balms and woods.

Paul Vacher created Special for Gentlemen in 1947, his first masculine fragrance the same year he composed Miss Dior for Christian Dior, with one goal in mind: to express the personality of real gentlemen, who combine softness with assurance, distinction with masculinity. Of course, this never stopped the ladies from borrowing the scent.

“The gentleman’s invisible accessory, where lavender wraps itself in citrus and spices, before making way for a subdued sensuality. A great and versatile fougère of the twentieth century.”  - Thomas Fontaine