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Tobacco & Spices Ambiance Spray


Tobacco & Spices is an accord dense with history and emotions. 

A fragrance obtained from the meeting of contrasting accords: sparkling and spicy the head with citrus accents of grapefruit and pink pepper; decisive and enveloping the heart with tobacco leaves softened by amber and balsam of Peru; woody and assertive the base, with vetiver and an elegant suede accord. 

The scent recreates a refined, warm environment full of personality: a study with wooden furniture, full of books, a personality sitting behind the desk that does not go unnoticed. 

HEAD NOTES: Pink Grapefruit, Elemi, Pink Pepper.

HEART NOTES: Tobacco, Amber, Balsam of Peru.

BASE NOTES: Cinnamon, Vetiver, Suede Accord.

Each bottle is a 1000 ml with a top-quality vaporizer that vaporizes 1 ml with each spray; their state-of-the-art spray sprays the fragrance with tiny particles that remain in the air for hours. 

All of Epicò's fragrances can be vaporized both in the room and in home fabrics, curtains, carpets, sofa, and inside closets to scent all fabrics. 

Due to the high concentration of essential oils that characterizes all the fragrances in the line, the persistence is extreme in environments. The notes remain for a long time as the scents are hyper concentrated and full-bodied.

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