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As one of the most famous Courtisane in Paris, Madame du Barry became the favorite of King Louis XV who dedicated to this sulphurous woman with sumptuous assets, a blind love.

As a great professional of love, she conveyed a strong eroticism. In addition to the daily scented baths, she applied an “amber baptism” on her sex, a voluptuous blend of Opoponax Gum, Geranium Leaves, Rose and Cinnamon.

PHAEDON PARIS was inspired by this little history of the Great History of France and entrusted to the perfumer Pierre GUILLAUME the task of recomposing a “Baptême Ambré”, a lascivious cocktail of spices, aromatics and balms, concealing under an apparent classicism, a je-ne-sais-quoi torrid.

 Key Notes: Cinnamon, rose, geranium, opoponax