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PERSONALITY:   Soft woods with no sharp edges

Gorgeously well-rounded rich sandalwood with a hint of tropical woods, this unisex scent has a low voltage of sexy spices running just beneath the surface.  

ORIGIN: Yucatan, Mexico

MOOD: Refined Sophistication


SCENT IMPACT: Light to Moderate

PERFUMER:  Nicolas Malleville


A tropical forest after a warm, summer rain shower

This exceptional blend of Sandalwood and other tropical wood essences from the Yucatan creates a smooth, mystical, and verdant fragrance. From lush, dewy jungle, to smoky, humid, earthy forests, and the abundance of exotic palms scattered throughout the Yucatan, the Manderas scent captures the mysteries and magic of the tropical and powerful Mexican woodland. This enigmatic fragrance is for the confident and bold voyager, with a secretive and sensual side, who to likes to loose oneself in the spirit of the moment.